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We offer 1:1 or team leadership coaching, run leadership training workshops and create bespoke leadership development programmes. Find out more about us and how we can help you.

Leadership Coaching

Create an impact and influence with gravitas and presence

Leadership Branding

Show up as an influential leader who is known and seen for the value you bring and what you stand for

Leadership Training

Enable leaders to explore their authentic leadership style

Leadership Consulting

Create the leaders and culture your company needs to succeed


Leadership Coaching

Create an impact and influence

Leadership coaching is the perfect way to develop talent and maximise the impact of your senior leadership team; enabling them to develop collaborative leadership skills and improve cross-functional working and efficiency.

Improving performance and effectiveness, leadership coaching can change your company culture; altering attitudes and the bottom line. It also provides a much-needed sounding board for senior management and allows them the time and space to step back, think and reflect on the best way forward.

Some of the themes that often surface in leadership coaching are:

  • Building trust, presence and impact
  • Working through anxiety, insecurities and imposter syndrome
  • Bringing in equity, inclusion and diversity
  • Leveraging self-awareness, leading purposefully and proactively
  • Inspiring, motivating and empowering your team and why it matters
  • Accountability and leadership in an era of remote working
  • Developing high performers and high performing teams

Your coach will work with your leaders to help them show up in their full potential and support their teams to do the same.

Typically, we recommend eight coaching sessions, including initial diagnostics (optional) and objectives.

what we offer

Leadership Branding

Enable your leaders to develop their personal leadership brand and design the impact they have at work.

Wherever leaders are on their leadership journey, they need a personal leadership brand which expresses who they are and what they stand for. By creating their own leadership brand which is authentic and built on their strengths, they signal to themselves and others who they are and how they want to be seen.

Once a leader has her brand, knows who she is and how she want to be seen, she will find it easier to carve a career path in the right environment and on her own terms. With the ability to establish her identity, and communicate her unique value, her career will benefit hugely and so will your business.

Work with us and we will create a leadership brand programme for your company to be able to:

  • get feedback from your teams on how they see your leaders at work
  • build your leaders’ brand based on your company values and led by their strengths and purpose
  • build a brand that attracts the role, recognition and influence they want
  • positions your leaders for success and increases their visibility
  • design their leadership brand and strategy to exude and communicate their brand

We can offer leadership brand development as a stand-alone service, or alongside other training, consultancy and coaching work.


Leadership Training

Experiential and thought-provoking, our training will enable your leaders to explore their authentic leadership style and personal impact through the prism of the issues affecting today’s leaders.


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Work is different now. With technological developments, the pace of change has never been quicker, and you need to do more with less resources and in less time.

This is very challenging, and leaders in particular can become overwhelmed to the detriment of their work and mental health, and the productivity and happiness of their teams.

We’ve created six leadership training workshops which speak to the needs of leaders in this fastpaced and everchanging business environment.

Experiential and thought-provoking, our training will enable you to explore your authentic leadership style and personal impact through the prism of the issues affecting today’s leaders.

You’ll see how you can become a more inspirational and effective leader; versatile, self-aware and with a success mindset. You’ll explore and understand what it means when you don’t just let leadership happen to you, but step into Conscious Leadership.

Our workshops give you content but also help you connect the learning and insights to your unique context. As a part of the workshop you have continued support for three months to help you explore and embed changes and ideas in your role as a leader back in the organisation.

If you’d like to boost your performance and improve your leadership behaviour, contact us for more information on our workshops.


Leadership Consulting

Create the leaders and culture your company needs to succeed

We work with HR, L&D and OD teams who need to take a comprehensive look at the leadership capability in their organisation in order to maximise its culture and potential. We also work on leadership development, succession planning, talent and change/transformation and onboarding programmes.



co-create & design

innovative leadership solutions


Our purpose is to help your leaders thrive in their roles, create a big impact and dare to lead with courage. Our support is predicated on ensuring your team can adapt to long-term trends in leadership so you can succeed.

Our expert team have a vast amount of collective experience and will design solutions which directly address your specific concerns.

We work closely with you and your team, asking probing questions to uncover your organisational culture, challenges and aspirations and using that to design and deliver programmes that enable your leaders to craft their inner game.

We can collaborate with you to support the delivery of your people goals, keeping the pulse of the organisation at the heart of it.

We use an integrated blended learning approach which embeds the behaviours you want your people to inculcate and enrich. Our behaviour change insight is rooted in neuroscience and honed through many years of working through the complexities and intricacies of the corporate world and the public sector.

Our tailor-made assessment and development journeys will embed new behaviours and create strong, authentic and inspirational leaders.

Dynamic and no-nonsense, our programmes are enjoyable but challenging. We’ll offer a space where your leaders can just be. They will ask and answer some difficult questions, reflect and recalibrate, reconnect with their Why and find their purpose.